Greetings Fellow Storage Central 101/T Enthusiast

Netgear's Storage Central 101

Netgear's Storage Central 101

You may have found us while researching Netgear’s Storage Central products. Our focus here is on recovering files from the SC101/Twe are not affiliated to Netgear in any way. If you need support help from Netgear, you can visit their Knowledge Base. We specialise in recovering data and we’re here in response to growing demand from SC-101 owners needing access to their critical stored data on those rare occasions where the SC fails and found that Netgear was unable to help them. We recover all your data from the hard drives your Storage Central SAN has stopped seeing.

Many people are attracted to the Storage Central devices due to their extremely low cost (when sold direct and unpopulated). The devices are straightforward to set up and provides amazing value as network storage. We know many people who have used them as a way to soak up and recycle IDE hard drives from main PCs following upgrades. The SC101-T does the same job for SATA drives.

They are generally reliable and provide many years of excellent service but be aware that it has the potential to fail, like any piece of equipment. We maintain our own data under the truism that nothing is backed up until it is in at least two places. Data which is on a Storage Central device but not duplicated elsewhere has not been backed up, it has been merely moved from one unsafe location to another. It’s no safer than where it was originally. This device (like any other data storage device) is not a back-up device unless the data also exists elsewhere. But If you get caught short, give us a call on 0845 094 0027, we can spare your blushes and rescue your data.

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